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How to Implement Design for Manufacturability & Design to Cost

Design for manufacturability (DFM) and design to cost (DTC) aren't just buzzwords. They're critical tactics that can save your organization thousands - or even millions - of dollars. And countless wasted hours in tedious back-and-forth between departments.

But how do you get started?

In this video, aPriori's team of product cost experts show you exactly how to implement DFM and DTC for your new product designs using state-of-the-art digital manufacturing technology.

Design for manufacturing and design to cost have never been easier. aPriori can help your design and cost engineers identify potential issues with your CAD model in just seconds.

Interested in reducing time to market for NPI projects and minimizing ECOs related to manufacturability and cost issues? In this session learn how DFM & DTC features in aPriori can help achieve these critical objectives without negatively impacting precious time for innovation.

Learn how to implement DFM and DTC practices at your organization from the ground up.

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