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A Guide to Building a Supplier Relationship Using a Digital Factory

How can digital factories lead to better relationships with your suppliers? Find out in this informative session from aPriori’s Manufacturing Insight Conference.

OEMs and Suppliers can have different goals. But there is a lot of overlap. For example, both OEMs and Suppliers are focused on achieving fair prices and shortening the RFQ process. Digital factories can help you achieve these goals on both sides of the table.

aPriori’s digital factories make it easy to add a number of critical cost inputs, including materials, processes, machines, labor, cost models, routings, international locations, and so much more. And with just a few clicks, both OEMs and Suppliers can have highly-accurate product cost information at their fingertips.

In this session, we’ll show you how to use aPriori’s digital factories to completely customize and configure your digital factory for the most accurate cost models, taking your need for multiple cost iterations and multiple RFQs. Plus, we’ll walk you through expert best practices to monitor your digital factory’s accuracy over time.

Learn how to use technology and data to have a more successful supplier relationship.

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