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DEMO: How to Design for Manufacturability With Product Cost Visibility

See how to design for manufacturability in real-time with aPriori's digital manufacturing software.

After specifying a few basic inputs such as production volume, manufacturing process, and manufacturing location, aPriori can generate manufacturability and cost estimates in seconds.

In addition to running fast manufacturing simulations, the output of the analysis should be easy to interpret. Identification of manufacturability issues should be highly graphical and pinpoint areas for improvement, such as machining operations where the cycle time is abnormally high. Identifying a design flaw like this could dramatically accelerate the manufacturing process and accordingly drive down cost.

Say goodbye to relying on your team to be experts in every part of the production process. The future of manufacturing is digital.

aPriori’s patented product cost management technology platform enables all members of the product team to receive instant feedback on the cost of feature/value tradeoffs. Watch this video to see how visibility to cost can help you identify and eliminate cost drivers early in design.

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