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DEMO: Digital Factory In Action - How to Cost a Lithium Ion Battery

How do digital factories work? Can you really simulate the entire design and manufacturing process to get accurate cost estimates and move your products to market faster?

Absolutely. Watch how you can reduce cost and time to market with manufacturing simulation. We'll use a lithium ion battery as our example.

The use of electric vehicles is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Everything from vans, trucks, busses and 2-wheelers is expected to increase. Not to mention the rising policy and social pressure to switch to electricity.

As electronic initiatives increase across automotive, industrial equipment, and aerospace markets, manufacturers will need to pay close attention to both the design and cost of battery management systems. Electric batteries currently comprise 30% of the vehicle's total cost, making them the most expensive part to build.

This session will reveal how digital manufacturing simulation software can help you meet cost and time to market goals, all while maintaining the profitability of these systems - even as volumes escalate.