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Driving Profitability and Sustainability through Cloud Collaboration

Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever, to get to market faster, with more innovative products, higher profit margins, and lower environmental impact. Add to this the pressure and disruption of geopolitical events, inflation, regulatory compliance, and the need for cross-functional collaboration becomes essential, and shared visibility of key information is critical in order to make design, manufacturing and sourcing decisions. This session will demonstrate exactly how the aPriori Manufacturing Insights platform enables the transformative path for product manufacturers to make data-driven decisions for profitability and sustainability, whilst ensuring manufacturability.

3 Key Takeaways:
1. How aPriori supports profitable product development
2. Benefits of cloud collaboration
3. Take data-driven action on Cost and Carbon

Speakers (all aPriori):
Mark Rushton
Dave McDermaid
Rodney Burns
April Guenet
Sam Ellis


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