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How to Reduce Supply Chain Risk with Digital Factories

Do you know the cost impacts of your parts via multiple suppliers, regions, and available routings?
Do you understand the cost impact of in-house manufacturing capabilities vs multiple suppliers?

With aPriori's digital factories, you can:

- Review and analyze alternative routings for parts to increase the number of suppliers in the supply chain that can reduce the respective part
- Create a competitive market to minimize the cost impact of routing changes
- Reduce lead times
- Determine the relative cost impact by selecting alternative routings in real-time
- Minimize cost impact of current production parts relating to routing alternatives

Plus you'll get advanced reporting to show:

- Side-by-side comparison of supply routings
- Impact of cost of parts by various routings

Utilizing various aPriori platforms, this demo enables you to evaluate new and existing sources and regions, reducing your supply chain risk, and optimizing cost. It also provides the ability to analyze and review alternate process routings and/or machines. This enables both the increase in the number of available suppliers in the supply chain and/or the availability of in-house manufacturing.

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