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How Much Will My Design Cost 2024

aPriori helps your design and sourcing teams generate detailed cost estimates and bring innovative, cost-optimized products to market faster. In this short, three-minute video, we'll take you from CAD file to cost analysis, showing you how to cost at-scale in a matter of minutes. Our team shows you exactly how aPriori works to generate a product cost estimate using a real CAD drawing as an example. aPriori allows designers to quickly upload and evaluate design variants and different material, process, and sourcing options.

Build comparisons and publish the best options for review with the broader team. Your design engineer can access a powerful application that connects to a scalable and cloud-based set of costing, visualization, reporting, and administrative services. Cost Engineers can then refine results and advise on process and sourcing options. Team leads and other stakeholders in the organization have easy access for review and feedback at any time.

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[10:58] Mark Rushton