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Navigating The Road Ahead: How to Drive Profitability in Uncertain Times

As economic uncertainty continues to cloud the business landscape, keeping costs under control, and finding ways to drive them down, is at the top of many leading manufacturers agendas. Learn how Ramelle Gilliland, a procurement and supply chain leader at Lightning eMotors, Craig Melrose, EVP Digital Transformation Solutions at PTC, and John Pilla former Engineering Exec at Spirit AeroSystems have driven transformational programs to keep costs in line and drive profitability.

3 Key Takeaways:
1. Learn how companies scale product cost down programs between procurement & engineering
2. How digital twin transformation plays a role in broader profitability initiatives
3.Approaches to achieving category savings through (1) renegotiation, (2), rapid sourcing, and (3), strategic sourcing.

Ramelle Gilliland, EVP Global Chain and Logistics, Lightning eMotors
John Pilla, Former Engineering Executive, Spirit AeroSystems
Craig Melrose (PTC, EVP, Digital Transformation Solutions)
Chris Jeznach, aPriori Director of Product Marketing (Facilitator)


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