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How to Mitigate Risk In a Changing Market Environment

Right now, design engineers, cost engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers are struggling with a high-risk market that makes predicting profitability extremely difficult.

In fact, we are in the most unstable product material market in 30 years. With inflation, labor shortage, geopolitical disruption, and more, how can you mitigate risk and utilize your cash flow smarter. In this session, we will identify the different insights and strategies that will improve your supply chain resiliency.

This leaves many to wonder: Is it possible to mitigate risk in your supply chain when the market is unstable?

In this video guide, manufacturing expert Abe Chaves showcases:

• What is supply chain risk management?
• What are the current supply chain risks?
• Practical approaches to mitigate risk, including:
• Building a material price fluctuation strategy
• Addressed skilled labor shortages
• Getting products to market faster

This no-nonsense guide shows you hands-on steps you can take to mitigate product costs and stay competitive and profitable even in an unstable market. Learn how to mitigate risk and build a more resilient supply chain.

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