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aPriori Implementation Overview: The First Year Using aPriori

Thinking about using aPriori for your team? But wondering what the change management looks like? How long will it take to see ROI with aPriori?

In this video, follow along with Woodward's first year using aPriori's digital manufacturing software. You'll learn:

1. Who is a great fit for aPriori's software
2. How to definite your initial needs and goals for the first year
3. How to position the software to internal stakeholders
4. What the Year-1 implementation of aPriori looks like, step-by-step
5. How to institutionalize your digital transformation efforts at your organization
6. And insights and advice from Woodward, a successful aPriori customer

Woodward’s goal is to lay the foundation for an enterprise-wide costing application by enabling cost engineers to identify cost drivers in engineering and arming sourcing with cost information for fact-based negotiation. Their vision beyond year 1 is to implement zero RFQ and explore aP Generate for engineering.

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