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Manufacturing Simulation Technology for Product Designers

Designers are under an enormous amount of pressure. Everyone from finance, to procurement, to shareholders is relying on designers to design for manufacturability and for cost. All while driving new innovation to beat the competition.

But design for manufacturability and design to cost has never been easier.

aPriori was built for designers by designers to make it easy to understand what elements of your CAD design will be expensive or difficult to manufacture. So you can make real-time changes to your model.

CAD model heat-mapping shows you exactly where potential problems in your design may be. So you can fix potential problems earlier in the design process.

Watch this 10-minute live demo to see how designers are using aPriori to eliminate cost drivers in real time.

aP Generate is the ideal automation solution for the entire product development team, starting with design engineering, whether they've been designing for four weeks or four decades. Manufacturability and cost analysis output from Cost Insight Generate can be leveraged by sourcing professionals to get a head start on supplier strategies. The output data can also be reviewed by cost engineering professionals, manufacturing engineers and a host of other roles involved in the product development process.

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