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How to Design to Margin with aPriori & Accenture

Learn how to use aPriori and Accenture together in order to meet your design to margin (DTM) goals.

Design to Margin (DTM) requires a holistic approach across your entire enterprise. You need:

- A collaborative operating model structure and principles to drive new ways of working between internal and external stakeholders
- A cultural shift and shared performance metrics to change bad habits and bias in decision making
- An investment in digital, analytics, and data to accelerate collection, speed, transparency, and accuracy in order to drive profitable decisions

Design to Margin (DTM) is Accenture’s way of connecting the points between product innovation, product cost, and product pricing to optimize profitability.

Accenture works with its clients on transformational programs to improve product profitability, M&A portfolio rationalization, strategic cost reduction, connected product as-a-service and new product development.

The partnership with aPriori enables Accenture to accelerate transformational programs for specific interventions in standardizing product design, direct parts cost savings, and sourcing negotiation enablement.

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