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Webinar: Minimizing Capital Expenses for Tooling in Automotive

As development lead times are shortened and the need to reduce product costs increases, manufacturing operations managers often look first to reduce tooling costs. However, a machining facility is not delivering a tool to its customer—it’s delivering a part.

Though material prices might fluctuate, tool prices are stable, easy to pinpoint, and therefore an easy target to focus on for expense reductions instead of the total cost of the part. Don’t make that mistake!

In this webinar, we explore how you can:

Identify the true cost drivers of tooling and how to minimize them
Leverage technology to help with ordering, executing, and confirming the movement of materials
Ensure that the supplies of materials, labor, and capacity are met
As the automotive industry moves toward producing lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles faster, ensure you can keep pace with these industry trends and deliver on market expectations. Learn how embracing a comprehensive manufacturing insights platform is an essential component of gaining control over overhead costs.

Watch this webinar to learn how to minimize capital expenses and gain control of overhead costs.