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CASE STUDY: GE Appliances - Embedding Should Cost Into Your Organization

Explore the journey of GE Appliances' Cost Engineering Director, Jill Snyder, as she delves into the world of aPriori and Should Cost Modeling. Learn the crucial role of Should Cost in organizations, the challenges faced during implementation, and the strategic steps taken to embed aPriori into the culture. Discover the impact on supplier relationships, material costs, and cost models, gaining insights into effective cost management for sustainable profit margins. Uncover a comprehensive case study and valuable lessons on embracing change, enhancing communication, and achieving remarkable cost savings. Elevate your understanding of cost engineering with this insightful video presentation.

3 Key Takeaways:
1. Cross-functional buy-in and leadership that supports the team cross-functionally is key to success
2. Using the correct language up front (i.e. spreadsheet-based pricing model, regression-based pricing model, should cost) and throughout must start top down and continue throughout
3. Framework versus an application that covers all possibilities

Speaker: Jill Snyder, Director, Cost Engineering, GE Appliances