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Partnering for Sustainability

Sustainability in manufacturing and design is more important than ever.

Manufacturing simulation technology needs to adapt in order to provide designers and sustainability teams with the critical insights they need to meet their green design initiatives.

There are several ways that the industrial sector can make an impact on emissions with manufacturing. These include:

• Design: using factors like recyclability
• Sourcing: by viewing the regional energy grid mix
• Materials: having insight into your CO2e
• Process: having insight into how your process affects your CO2e

All of this is possible - and more - with aPriori’s Sustainability solution.

Watch this panel discussion to hear how aPriori has been working with customers to advance our Sustainability solution that tracks CO2e emissions from product manufacturing. Panelists include representatives from the following aPriori customers: Scania, Heliogen, Google, Vestas, and Carrier Corporation. See how top names in the manufacturing sector are utilizing technology to meet - and report on - their green design targets.

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