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How GE Reduces Product Costs with Culture: An Interview

GE Aviation produces some of the most expensive and complex parts in the world. In order to manage all of their cost saving opportunities, GE relies on technology and a shift in company culture.

When reducing product costs is everyone's focus - everyone wins.

GE Aviation is on a multi-year journey towards the vision of creating a product cost ownership culture to achieve their strategic business goals. This journey has inspired them to reimagine their business process & methodologies, look at the democratization of data, and forge stronger partnerships between traditionally siloed functions.

In this session, we will present how GE is creating a cost ownership culture that requires more than just data collection, how we took up the challenge to evolve our business processes to enable growth & shaping up our tools strategy to equip our users to drive business outcomes. You'll see how GE has prioritized product costs from the ground up by eliminating departmental silos. Plus, learn how aPriori's technology is allowing GE Aviation to create a digital thread throughout their entire product development process.