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DEMO: Bulk Costing With aPriori

aPriori’s bulk costing capabilities allows users to process hundreds or thousands of components and produce cost estimates as well as manufacturability information.

You'll learn:

1. How bulk product costing is done today, and why this system is flawed
2. How aPriori can be used to get detailed product cost estimates for 10s, 100s or even thousands of parts at one time

Plus we'll show you how to gather critical business insights from your bulk product cost data. You'll be able to see expensive outliers in seconds. Plus get insights into whether your parts will be easy or difficult to manufacture. Intuitive reports and dashboards can show you product cost breakdowns, comparisons, and global supply details so you can get the best price on your parts.

This session will show examples of how bulk costing can be leveraged to generate data to allow sourcing teams, engineering teams, and VAVE teams to optimize their day-to-day functions and dramatically improve results.

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