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How EV OEMs are Digitally Transforming Sourcing to Improve Time to Market

The EV market has exploded! Even global powerhouses are constantly challenged by nimble, fast-paced, upstart competitors. And new business models are forcing global OEMs to adapt faster than their technology can handle.

Traditional excel spreadsheets and homegrown solutions are no longer delivering the necessary capabilities to launch a new vehicle on time. On top of that, in today’s market, you simply don’t have the time to send an RFQ and wait around for the negotiations to start. EV OEMs and their suppliers want leading-edge technologies to deliver competitive advantages with premium results. They want to evolve the process of sourcing and are ready for a digital transformation.

Along with two experts from aPriori, the leader in digital simulation technology, Andy Doyle, Global Vice President, Materials and Logistics for Eaton, will discuss his company’s role as a strategic supplier in the EV space and how they utilize manufacturing simulation technology to grow their partnerships.

Digital manufacturing simulation technology gives you the advantage you need to innovate, cost, source, and get to market faster, all while increasing profit margins.