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DEMO: Global Manufacturing Simulation & Bulk Product Cost Software

What if sourcing teams could quickly generate manufacturing simulations with varied production inputs?
What if alternative regions could be quickly and easily compared to determine the most cost effective option for sourcing or resourcing a part?
What if quoting teams could efficiently respond to complicated RFQs that are requesting various volumes for various parts? What if manufacturing teams could make informed decisions on the best location to manufacture a given part?

All of these scenarios are possible with aPriori's new matrix costing capability.

Tired of simulating different manufacturing scenarios one by one? aPriori’s Matrix Costing provides manufacturing simulation for multiple production locations, annual volumes, and batch sizes in a single workflow. The functionality automatically evaluates all production combinations enabling more informed decision-making with dramatically less effort compared to previous aPriori versions.

This recording is of a live demonstration from our Cost Insight Conference.