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Harbec Case Study: How to Automate Your Manufacturing RFQs

Wish you could respond to RFQs faster? Tired of repetitive, tedious processes? Say no more!

Learn how HARBEC implemented aPriori for their machining, plastic molding, and additive capabilities which they have been using to respond to RFQs quickly and accurately.

HARBEC is a precision manufacturer across numerous manufacturing processes and industries.

The quoting process has been a longstanding source of operational friction for manufacturers, and recent supply chain disruptions have highlighted the drawbacks of time-consuming manual quoting processes.

Faced with challenges around quoting response throughput and pursuing an initiative to democratize quoting process knowledge within the company, HARBEC engaged with aPriori as their automated quoting solution. We will also explore how HARBEC has leveraged the data-rich aPriori output through integration with their existing ERP system to streamline the data entry and quote response processes.

Streamline and automate your manufacturing RFQ process. Learn how in this video.


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