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DEMO: aPriori's Machine Models - Newest Updates on Stock Machining

aPriori is helping design and manufacturing teams around the globe create the products of the future. Get actionable insights to improve manufacturability at every stage of your product lifecycle. Simply upload your CAD files into aP Pro and our digital factories will run a detailed simulation of the manufacturing process in a fraction of the time it takes with manual calculation methods.

Our goal? Help you to develop innovative new products that meet or exceed customer requirements while at the same time improving your product profitability.

In this demonstration, you'll use aP Pro to:

1. Open a 3D CAD model
2. Enter in key details about your part to quickly build your digital factory
3. Quickly obtain a complete cost and DFM analysis for your part
4. Review the machine routing aPriori creates for your part
5. Understand how your part's geometry contributes to cycle time
6. Review all of the machining advances in aP Pro including multi-spindle machining, our most advanced machining model

Watch this short 10-minute demonstration to get an insider-look into aP Pro's digital factory and machining capabilities.


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