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aPriori What's New Webinar 22.1

WATCH NOW: aPriori's What's New Webinar, previewing the latest 2022 R1 Release. During this webinar viewers gain valuable insight from aPriori's product managers regarding the new features and capabilities available to both cloud and on-premise customers in the 22.1 release.

Highlighted features and capabilities include:

1. Boosting Productivity With The Addition Of New Manufacturing Process Models
Receive more comprehensive coverage of your processes within aPriori, now including roll forming and compression molding as well as other enhancements to existing models.

2. Gaining Higher Product Value With The New Design For Manufacturability Capability
Hear about a new capability allowing you to improve designs for bar & tube and compression molding with manufacturability in mind.

3. Saving Time With A New Automated Value Tracking Report
Get the best estimation of a design starting and ending point without manual selection of scenarios by the aPriori user.

4. Optimizing Accuracy Of New Industry Specific Labor Rates, Starting Point Regional Material Pricing
Receive improved labor rates that are more closely aligned to specific industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Medical Devices, and Oil & Gas.