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The Next Wave of Digital Transformation: Manufacturing Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Many organizations are focusing post-pandemic planning on collaboration, automation, and manufacturing intelligence through digital transformation (DT). However, it isn’t easy for established companies to digitize. According to a recent survey by Accenture, 75% of senior executives say their business functions often compete against each other instead of collaborating on digitization efforts.

In the era of digital-born competitors, successful manufacturers must adopt DT technologies to stay competitive. The manufacturing intelligence gained will provide actionable insights accelerating key phases of the product development lifecycle. By connecting operations and accelerating key phases of the product development lifecycle, manufacturers can meet evolving market demands quickly and propel new products to market by up to 40% faster.

Hosted by aPriori President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephanie Feraday, you will learn how effective manufacturers are using new digital transformation capabilities to:

• Unlock product, sourcing, and other insights from legacy systems
• Use these insights to make fast, informed decisions throughout the product development
• Combine precise digital twin product specifications with “if/then” sourcing and manufacturing
simulation capabilities
• How automation can play a key role in helping to tie manufacturing business process together

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