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What’s New in aPriori Professional 2019 R1

Learn about our new DTC reporting capabilities and the new and improved cost models in aPriori 2019 R1. Highlights include:

New Capabilities for Design for Cost & Manufacturability Analysis

- Validate that components on a new product are ready for design reviews or release
- Quickly assess components by commodity to identify those with the most manufacturing complexity and potential manufacturability issues.

New Costing Capabilities

- Insert molding and Over molding in Assembly Molding
- TIG welding, Adhesive bonding in Welding & Bonding
- Lock bolt, Heli-coil in Mechanical Assembly
- Vibratory Deburr, shot peening in Surface Treatment
- Hot isostatic pressing in Heat Treatment
- CMM in Inspection

Welding, Casting, Plastics, and Machining have also been enhanced for usability, manufacturability feedback, and cycle time precision.