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Customer Case Studies

How Dana Realized a 4% Savings on $100M DFMA Spend with aPriori in the First Year

FuelCell Energy: ESG Advancements in Industrial Manufacturing with 'Should Carbon' and aPriori

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Excellence at TE Connectivity

Nikola: Unlock Cost Efficiency: Mastering Plastic Molding Cost Strategies

Discover Industry 4.0 insights, driving innovation at Eaton and Rice University with aPriori

Carrier: 10T of carbon reduction and 6 months faster LCA

Flex Improves Win Rates from 15% to 68% Using aPriori

TE Connectivity: aPriori Mitigates Supplier Cost Increase from 9% to 4%

GE Appliances: Should Costs of 250+ Parts/Week With aPriori

Nikola: With aPriori, Negotiate Millions Of Savings On Injection Molding Tooling Costs